Meet our JDRF Global Legacy Challenge Sponsors

Marcia Wilson, JDRF Global Legacy Challenge Sponsor

Marcia Wilson

Marcia Wilson has seen the challenges chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes (T1D) cause. Her brother, Greg, faced many struggles with T1D after being diagnosed at age 4, and passed away at age 57 due to complications.

Marcia says, “I support JDRF because I have profound appreciation for the importance of research. I recall Greg struggling mightily to manage his diabetes, especially during his teen years. Today better insulins, pumps, and blood glucose testing provide for a better quality of life and much tighter control”. I am following the example set by mother who passed away in 2007 leaving a generous gift to JDRF in her estate plans. I believe that including JDRF in an estate plan is one of the most effective ways we can ensure this important research continues and T1D is eliminated”.

Learn more about including JDRF in your estate plans and the JDRF Global Legacy Challenge.

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