Meet our JDRF Global Legacy Challenge Sponsors

Mike and Nancy Kammerer, JDRF Legacy Challenge Sponsors

Mike and Nancy Kammerer

Mike and Nancy Kammerer are committed to doing everything they can to support type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and create a future without the challenges it imposes. Nancy has lived with T1D for more than 50 years, and the couple has been active members of the JDRF family through galas, walks and advocacy.

Now the Kammerers are extending their support by including JDRF as a beneficiary of their trust and joining forces with other Legacy Challenge Sponsors who are contributing $1,000 to support current diabetes research each time JDRF is included in an estate plan for the duration of the Challenge.

When Mike and Nancy think about the future, their young niece who also lives with T1D comes to mind. Nancy says, “If I can help her and millions of others, then I will have left an important legacy.” In Mike’s words, “The profound impact of T1D extends to family members. Supporting JDRF and T1D research makes the work we are doing to protect future generations from T1D worth every second and every dollar.”

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